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The Epzik8 Roadpage

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Aerial Photos

Tampa-Baltimore February 26, 2017

Just after takeoff from Tampa International. This is on a Spirit Airbus A319. The Gulf of Mexico is in the background. Prominent here are various subdivisions and lakes of Hillsborough County.

Turning slightly, we can now see more of the Gulf and the Pinellas Peninsula, including much of the city of Saint Petersburg.

Now over north central Florida with a view of the easternmost portion of Florida's panhandle.

We've now flown over the Florida/Georgia state line. This may be Georgia's Altamaha River.

This one is around Barnwell, South Carolina.

We're now over South Carolina's capital city, Columbia.

This next photo gives us a view of the Asheboro, North Carolina area and Interstate 73/74/U.S. 220.

Another state capital now comes into view as we proceed over North Carolina's Research Triangle flanked by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Prominent in this photo is Interstate 40.

Fast-forwarding considerably now, these are the western reaches of the Richmond, Virginia area, technically not a state capital, but a Commonwealth capital.

Over downtown Richmond and the James River.

In the lower-right of this one is NASCAR's Richmond Raceway.

A closer look at the track.

Visible somewhere here is the northern Interstate 95/295 interchange in Henrico County.

This is Bowling Green, Virginia and the meeting of routes 207 and 301.

Flying over Fort A.P. Hill next, we'll be over the U.S. 301 corridor for a while.

A great view of U.S. 301 winding through A.P. Hill.

We now prepare to fly over the Rappahannock River and King George County.

Visible here are Virginia Route 218 and a bit of the Potomac River.

Having flown over the Potomac, we're now over Charles County, Maryland. Somewhere across the river is Quantico, Virginia.

Now we're treated to a view of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Alexandria, Virginia.

This is the busy hub of Waldorf, Maryland. This will be the closest view of U.S. 301 before turning away from the corridor.

This is over the Route 301/5 split, a point known as T.B., in southern Prince George's County.

A few clouds accompany this next shot, a view of Joint Base Andrews.

Almost there! This penultimate shot is over Maryland state capital Annapolis and stars the interchange of U.S. 50/301 and Interstate 97. My paternal grandparents' former neighborhood, a section of what is called Heritage Harbour, is visible just below that interchange.

Last but not least, we fly right over I-97 and the area of Glen Burnie just minutes before landing at BWI.