The epzik8 Roadpage

The Epzik8 Roadpage

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Welcome to The epzik8 Roadpage!  Created by a roadfan for fellow roadfans, contained within are highway photos, terminology, history and Interstate exit guides. All data on this website is continually updated to reflect current information, and only the most recent highway photos make the cut here. Ultimately this site's goal is to provide an informational and entertaining database of American highways for both roadfans and non-roadfans.

One more thing: Clearview is love, Clearview is life.

But wait, there's more! The epzik8 Roadpage now goes "Beyond the Road"! Click above or below to see the new features, covering bridges/tunnels, American sports venues, restaurants, retail, and various forms of rail.

Click "Highway Photos" to the left to see photo guides for Interstates, U.S. routes and state highways in states across the country.

For write-ups of road trips and website updates.

For photos of bridges, tunnels, all things rail and subway-related, and those pertaining to goods and services, such as retail, gas stations and restaurants.